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Why choose n+1 Language Services

Fewer points of contact—communications stay efficient, human, and direct.

Reactive—we’re here when you need us so you can quickly get back to your business.

One-stop shop—our resources cover all your business needs so you don’t lose precious time looking for the right one.

Our translators make your brand shine—we help you craft a message to your image that will directly engage your target audience.

Better employee productivity—save time thanks to clear procedures. Reach your objectives by breaking down language barriers during your on-the-job training.

Project management included—you’ll have more time for what you do best: generating revenue for your business and serving your clients.

Our team

Valérie Langlois


Cofounder of n+1 Language Services, Valérie Langlois places a high value on research as a translator. No matter the subject, her passion for science translates to rigour, attention to detail, and curiosity, making her a priceless ally. She constantly strives to deepen her knowledge on the given subject to deliver impeccable work every time. To carry out her various projects, Valérie can count on the support of many specialists, particularly in engineering, biology, astronomy, and physics.

Benoît Durel


Cofounder of n+1 Language Services, Benoît Durel is a true one-man band: he leads customer service while managing all aspects of the business, including administration and business development. Structured, rigorous, and proactive, he ensures that each project is assigned to the right resource and delivered on time, a testament to his outstanding organizational skills.

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